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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 11, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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liver more using propane heaters in the stands and special warmed up seats, but many were out on the town. the chp is more concerned about drivers getting home, and looking out for black ice. dozens of accidents have been blamed on slippery conditions. >> there was a deadly shooting inside a man's home. a 48-year-old was shot to death around 5:30 yesterday day. the suspect surrendered two hours later and gave up the gun used in the shooting. the victim and suspect are actually related and lived at hope together but they are not saying what happened. this is the first homicide in fremont this year. >> san francisco woman had a terrifying ordeal in the mission district when a man tried to
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rape her. >> my girlfriend heard someone scream, she woke me, i came to the window and someone was yelling to call the police or 9-1-1. around 2:30 on sunday morning a woman was assaulted. he says he only saw the attacker from behind as he ran away scared off by neighbors opening theirnd withs. he was last seen running east on 23rd street. >> he was jogging and then sprinted. >> she was walking home alone when she was attacked. she e-mailed her ordeal to neighborhood groups saying he went first for the eye sock south korea -- socket with his thumb. the intent was he was going to sexually assault her as nothing else was taken or mentioned.
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>> the victim is a climber and describes herself as strong so she was able to free an arm and fight back and yell for help. she came out of it with only a few bruises and scratches but police fear the man will attack again and inflict more injury. residents are looking out. >> be extra cautious where you are. use pepper spray. do due diligence. >> the attacker is asian male at 5' and 9" and weighing 160 pounds and between 20 and 30. he is describes as having a buzz cut with a slight beard. >> s.w.a.t. officers in los angeles are sweeping through a clothing store this hour after an armed robbery unfolding in west chester. 9-1-1 calls started coming in at 11:30 the store was being robbed
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by two armed men. swat arrived and businesses were put under lockdown. a woman was held hostage. she is safe with 14 others who were inside the store. it is not clear how but the suspect managed to get appear. this morning the search for the men continues. >> lawyers for accused movie theater shooter james holmes will ask for a delay of the arraignment today. the case took a leap forward last night when the judge ruled there was enough evidence to move forward to trial. the prosecution spent three days laying out the case. holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring 70 others at a movie theater in july. the attorneys say he is mentally ill but the families do not buy it. >> all that time to plan it, write it, talk about it, you are not mentally ill. >> the tons say the client is not ready for a plea. >> new troubles for oakland university the site of a mass
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shooting rampage in april facing two new lawsuits filed bit families of two victims in the campus murder spree on behalf of grace kim and another woman from hayward, two of seven who decided. former nursing student has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. a judge decide he was incompetent to stand trial. the lawsuits say the university should have then he could pose a danger. >> group of students and fact u members at the city check of san francisco will protester the welcome address of the chancellor. organizers are drawing attention to the recent passage of proposition (a) by voters for a tax to offset budget cuts and layoffs at city college. they say officials plan to use the money for other purposes such as paying consultants and building reserves. they are asking people to sign a pledge to take action if the district does not spend the voter approved funds as
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intended. >> federal regulators announced they are ordering a comprehensive review of boeing 787 dreamliner as the jet is making the inaugural flight from san jose international airport this morning. the f.a.a. has scheduled a news conference later this morning to officially make the announcement. four dreamliners have had problems this week alone including the latest this morning in japan when a crack was discovered in one of the layers of a window. nippon is scheduled to start nonstop from san jose to tokyo with 10:00 a.m. arrival of a new dreamliner jet. >> there could be flight delays this weekend at san francisco international airport when it closes one of the runways from 10:00 tonight until 8:00 monday morning the first of several weekend runway closures to accomplish construction activity for federally mandated runway safety requirements including installing new lighting systems and 1/2 gigsal aids. during the closing the arrival
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rate will be reduced from 60 aircraft an hour to 30 aircraft per her and flight delays are expected to occur during the height of the travel times like when there are weather travels, landing only one lane at a time. >> weather troubles, we think of fog or rain we enjoy there are delays but it is not so clear when there are just frigid temperatures. >> yes, clear frigid temperatures. >> all the showers are to the north and falling apart as they come from the northwest and run into this dry air we have over-the-top of us. here is the reason why it may not be freezing in your neighborhood. notice the wind, northwest at 16 in novato and 15 at san francisco airport and seven at napa. this is a brisk morning along the coast. inland valleys, we are calmer so we are finding the coldest temperatures there.
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this is all going to bring us to the 30's by 7:00. by noon, upper 40's, hanging out at 50 with mostly sunny and dry afternoon and the heavier coat for the evening as we drop into the upper 30's to mid-40's by 7:00. we will start this weekend by going partly cloudy tomorrow but it will be dry for saturday. more sunshine on sunday and a slight warming trend begins on monday. >> back to eastbound 80 in the better chicago area we had an early alert with a major accident. you can see the flares are still out there. the accident has been long gone and the flares are confusing the drives who are merging to the left to avoid hitting that area. some are driving right over the flares so hopefully that will burn out. chp will leave them on the scene until they flare out.
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westbound we have a stall on right hand shoulder at university and a backup there behind that. otherwise you are flowing nicely in the macarthur maze with no delays at the bay bridge. an early accident at the toll lazy has been cleared. san mateo bridge is looking good, clear, with no fog and a few tail lights to the high-rise. otherwise it is smooth between hayward and foster city. san jose, fire crews are partly blocking traffic with slow traffic there. >> next, u.s. adoptions of russian orphans, a loophole allows americans to adopt children despite a ban. >> rebound and afghan president karzai are preparing to meet this morning. >> first the tech bytes. >> warning for anyone running java. disable the software because a
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problem has been detected that allows hackers to attack some computers. it is a mess. another says that it is like open season on consumers. apple is knocking down reports they are planning a cheaper version of the iphone. executive from apple says the company will not sale a less expensive version for the sake of market share. wearable gadgets are a big trend at the consumer electronics show including devices that move by wave brain data. some parents could find this practical, a high-tech potty training solution that keeps
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone.
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at 4:43 on friday morning. this is a live picture from our rooftop camera and there is something different about the bay bridge. >> the light installations are being tested. >> it looks like etch a sketch. it is chilly. mike will have that forecast coming up. >> gore brown says california's economy is rebounding after years of multibillion dollar deficits announcing the proposed budget yesterday eliminating cuts thanks to a new wave of tax revenue, next, the nearly $98 billion budget includes $5 billion increase in spending which includes more funding for education and health care. it leaves $1 billion in a rainy day reserve fund. >> americans can adopt russian orphans for another year despite a controversial new russian ban on adoptions. the kremlin says a deal with the united states will remain valid until 2014 despite a new law.
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president putin signed the bill in response to a u.s. anticorruption measure, and 1,500 adoptions were threatened but the old adoption agreement remains in effect for one year after either party cancels it which russia did last year. >> if pakistan -- in pakistan the biggest city is on high alert after 115 were left dead in bombings. there are searches on vehicles in the capital after militants claimed responsibility for a bombing at a packed pool hall. another bombing that targeted paramilitary soldiers where there is a large shia community and people are wanted to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. >> president obama welcomes afghan president karzai to the white house this morning to discuss the future of the united states role in afghanistan. he made the rounds in washington yesterday attending a working dinner with secretary of state
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hillary clinton and he visited the pentagon where he was greeted by defense secretary panetta and other top military officials. sources say karzai arrived with a wish lit of military equipment including drones and helicopters and other hardware to ensure afghanistan security when nato forces leave at the end of next year. >> frigid out there when you are outside and you need the heater on in the car. >> what a way to wake up. >> what are we facing? >> colder temperatures this morning and colder tomorrow morning. outside i will show what you is going on, a little frost out there driving into work. my thermometer was down to 28 in san ramon valley. from the east bay hills, it is clear. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of radar but there are a few high clouds right this.
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that is also helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit in the north bay and across san francisco. as you head toward the ocean you can see that is where a few of the radar returns are but they are few and far between and they will stay up to the north today. as far as the temperatures, 31 in napa and 30 in fairfield, and a lot of mid-to-upper 30's around livermore and concord and santa rosa and low-to-mid 40's else where. monterey bay has breezes and mid-30's around construction and salinas and 47 is the warm spot in monterey. another freeze tonight and tomorrow night but check this out: the extended forecast is looking dry with ever so slow warming tend headed into next week. you can still see the flow coming straight down from the not but our next system is
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coming over-the-top of this high pressure and that will take away a lot of the moisture. before that gets here we are locked into this area of high with a couple more cold nights this weekend with frosty conditions. the jet stream will stay to the north. when the systems come up over a high pressure they grab more cold air and tend to dry them out. we have king tide at 10:26. we will have minor flooding in low-lying spots around the coast and the bay shoreline. the game is looking dry tomorrow and cooler than yesterday by a couple of degrees. we start in the upper 40's and drop to the mid-40's at end game. today, a lot of low 50's again, possibly 49 in livermore for the cool spot. the accweather forecast is
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freezing cold in 20's and 30's tonight and possibly 40 in san francisco. we will be in the low 50's on sunday and low-to-mid 50's monday and tuesday and upper 50's to near 60 by wednesday and thursday. >> back to 80 at berkeley we had an early accident eastbound which is now cleared. a couple of the flares are still in the road and no backup here. you may expect a delay in the westbound direction with a stall and emergency blinkers. from the golden gate bridge you are down to two lanes southbound. that will be reconfigureed to four lanes southbound. it is dealer. light also. south 88, in san jose an accident is blocking the right side with emergency crews and
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slow traffic approaching the scene. we have road work out there eastbound four at a street which is late being picked up. that is a full closure at a street to summersville with the detail in place. >> an unusual dust storm down under on the coast of australia. a red cloud of dust swept across the area making the sky look almost like the apocalypse. dry conditions and heavy winds combine to make the perfect mix coming as the northwest coast braces not arrival of a reason california cyclone. >> if you want to send a message to zuckerberg and make sure he reads it it will cost you, they are letting users send zuckerberg a message on the web site if you pay $100. if you don't pay, the message
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will end up in his "other" inbox where the jumping mail goes. you can get around the $100, if you subscribe to his facebook page or message it will go straight to the regular inbox. >> international controversy "uncorked" for the inauguration celebration and a sonoma county winery is caught in the middle. >> the oakland zoo has three new
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>> good morning, everyone, at 4:52. the san mateo bridge and a plane is taking off there from sfo and it is clear. it is cold. mike nicco will have more on the forecast for you. >> listen to this, a sonoma county winery is in the middle of an international controversy
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involving the upcoming presidential inauguration. the congressional committee planning inaugural events is serving korbel bubbly and is called natural champagne california. the controversy is the word "california" should have been placed before the word "champagne." that is according to the united states and french guidelines, the trench say champagne only comes from champagne and the i.r.s. allows american winery to use the word if it comes after the origin of the grape. the committee will correct the mistake for the menu. >> wow. the word before or after, causing such a controversy. >> the same thing is true with beaudeux. >> and napa and the bay area, it is cold.
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>> good thing they are not selling freedom fries. >> it is cold this morning especially in the sheltered valleys from the win. be came. by the afternoon, the temperatures are below average and it will feel like yesterday with temperatures in the upper 40s the to a few mid-50's. we still have scattered showers to the north and to the south and a few scattered snow shows are possible in the sierra today. it looks a lot worse here than the actual snow that will fall. if you are traveling it will not be too bad, 29 in yosemite and 46 in fresno and 52 in sacramento and mid-to-upper 50's around san diego and los angeles and they have rough surf. safely travels this weekend. >> southbound 880, san jose has an early accident cleared and
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now it will improve southbound. westbound 4 has a new accident at 680, the accident is out of the lane but a bumper could be blocking a lane so if you are headed there, you could have debris if the lane. eastbound four is closed because of road work and that will be picked up at 5:00 a.m. westbound, the drive is looking good from antioch in the commute direction. eastbound, dumbarton bridge, road work until 6:00 a.m. this morning with lanes blocked with cones. northbound 85 from mountain view there is road work in the lanes. >> a marin county breeder lost a legal battle to get her horses back. the humane society seized four horses from the farms in an area northwest the novato in western petaluma. there was an investigation after a report that two dozen horses
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were being subjected to serious neglect and unsafe living conditions. the horses are being monitored and the breader is denying neglect. >> three spotted hyenas are in a new home moving from the center where they were part of a new research colony and funding for the research dried up and the three animals needed a new home so the oakland zoo offered to adopt them and will keep them separate from an elderly pair because of potential fighting. >> as the consumer electronics show wraps up in las vegas jimmy kimmel finishes the first week of the new time lot. his tribute to the 6th anniversary of the iphone. >> our iphones are with us at every major event, our graduation, our weddings, births
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of our children, even at funerals now. happy 6th birthday. you do not look a day over 4s. >> he airs weeknights right here at 11 p.m. >> next at 5:00, a dilemma in san jose with a new search for a police chief before the current chief retires. >> the nasty flu strain spreads pharmacist are having a tough time keeping
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> repeat after me: it's friday. >> it's friday! >> i didn't forget, 5:00 a.m. on friday morning. all right, time for a look at the forecast. >> a cold day out there. >> all right. >> we will talk live doppler 7 hd. look how dry it is. we do have freezing temperatures possible. north bay, east bay valley, santa clara valley, freeze warning this morning and tomorrow morning until 8:00 and mid-20's to low 30's, a hard freeze. the bay shoreline, frost advisory this morning and tomorrow morning so protect the pets, plants,


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